Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AURALITE -calms the mind, balances the chakras, improves meditation

-tames the run away mind!

Mined only at one site - near the amethyst mines in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Mined totally by hand & back labor - no explosives used.  So, it is very labor intensive.

One billion years old & formed in chevron like layers.

A powerful synergistic combination of 24 different minerals  including Ajoite, hematite, nickel, copper, iron.

Balances all chakras.

Profound sedative effect on the mind.

Deep stilling of the mind allowing deep healing & connection with higher dimensions.

Enhances meditation and connections with guides.

Amplifies effect of all other high vibrational crystals.

A little goes a long way.

Snag your piece today!

 3 pieces only available   $9.99 each (free ship  USA)




which one?

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