Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Ending

Another year has passed & the doors are now closed.

I hope you will shine in the coming year and join with me in 2018.

 If you made a request  or I promised you something  and it has not been done or received please contact me.  My books are done indicating no loose ends.

If I can be of assistance to any of you in your 2017 walk,
remember I specialize in helping people discover their soul's
purpose  & get them walking in clarity on that path.

I can usually do  it with you in 10 free minutes  on the  phone.If we need a few more minutes that's  cool. (I have yet to charge a one for this time of getting clarity & direction.) 

 Just take in to consider that I am in Ohio time zone before  calling,614 989 4550  or
email AmidAngels@gmail \.com

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