Wednesday, March 22, 2017



i had the procedure done on Monday & was home Tuesday with remarkable  results,

The procedure is totally external & non invasive.No general anesthetic -so none of the usual post-op risks.

Using targeted ultra sound waves in a MRI machine, scar tissue is  formed on the global palladis, a center for motor activity, deep within  the brain.

I found it to be pain free - although there was an uncomfortable pressure sensation at times.  Because of the need for precision, the procedure was lengthy - about 4 hours.

The results were Immediate & continue for 3 months until they level out.

I had a right side globus pallidus ablation.  So, effects would show on the left side of my body (my worse side).

Tremor in my hand and arm reduced to  0.  Leg tremors came in at 0.50. Rigidity was reduced to 0.50 as well.

What is that in real life?
-my writing is crisp and bold.
-drool is eliminated
-I can do stairs
- I can type
-I am limber & don't fear falling.

I would do it again in a heart beat.
To any one sitting on the fence - get off & embrace it!

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