Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Chios Healing

Chios Healing Made Simple 1

on-line classes beginning Nov 14th
through Reiki Awakening Academy


Chios is an energy healing method that works on healing in the auric field. The student learns how to perceive imbalances in the aura, and heal them in self or others. Doing so then affects the body, as it readjusts itself into balance, initiating healing.
Up until now, Chios training has been a complicated process. Connie has simplified the training, and in doing so, made it accessible to all who wish to learn.
  • Have you begun Chios training but not completed Master Level as you found all that information just too overwhelming?
  • Perhaps you have looked at Chios training and just thought it was beyond you.
In this three class course, the confusion and the mystery are removed and the power is experienced.
What's different?
  • The pages and pages of repetitive text and information have now been condensed into manageable sections.
  • The important facts are extracted from the mounds of information presented in the text and presented to the student in a concise manner.
  • The student learns how to see, sense, feel, or perceive the aura making what is the stumbling block of Chios for so many –the need to SEE the aura - a non-issue.  A crisp, clear understanding of the material makes certification quick and easy using this method.
Class number one: Foundations
In this class, the student will receive a solid understanding of basics of the Chios system.
The student will also become attuned to Chios & receive their Chios Practitioner Certificate

Prerequisites: none

Materials :
free ebook

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