Monday, July 27, 2015

Aromatherapy -Blends


Comprised of three elements – top note, middle note, base note

-first smell to arise from the blend
-evaporates quickly
-light, fresh, sharp ,penetrating, airy
-add brightness to a blend

ent  of wind chimes or a flute
-stimulate and clear your mind
-uplift your energy
Like Liime, Orange, Grapefruit
(note – morning wake up juices)

Also called the “heart note”
-gives fullness & softness  - rounds out any sharp edges
-can have both top & base aromas in them
purpose is to harmonize your blends.
bring  balance both physically and energetically
soothing and harmonizing for both mind & body
Like Chamomile,  Rosewood,   Peppermint

deep, warm grounded quality
Operate as fixitives , reducing the evaporation of the top notes
Add intensity
often earthy
Aroma rises slowly to the nose – unlike the top notes which penetrates quickly
used to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia
calming & grounding
usually from resins and roots.
Like  Cedarwood, Vetiver, YlangYlang

Aromatherapy Notes
Top          Middle          Base
Basil (To Middle)
Balsam Peru
Bergamot (To Middle)
Cassia (To Middle)
Cinnamon (To Middle)
Clary Sage (To Middle)
Coriander (To Middle)
Fennel (To Top)
Ginger (To Middle)
Ho Leaf
Hyssop (To Middle)
Ho Wood
Hyssop (To Top)
Neroli (Also as Top)
Lemongrass (To Middle)
Lavender (To Top)
Neroli (To Middle)
Melissa (To Top)
Rosewood (To Middle)
Ylang Ylang (To Middle)

Tea Tree (To Middle)

Thyme (To Middle)

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