Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Happenings + Astral Travel

April holds many new things for the Light Seeker

Energy healing and classes on topics of your choosing always available on demand.  Just ask.  Connie 614 989 4550 or email

Check these out!

Live OnLine
Power Rieki  1 and 2                          

Wednesday 15 April
info and sign up click here

It's In The Cards
Thursday 16 April
info and sign up click here 

High Perception Viewing of the Aura
Wednesday 22 April
info and sign up click here

Little Hands Reiki
Wednesday 22 April
info and sign up click here 

Live in Columbus
Psychic Development
Tuesday 14 April 7-9pm
info and sign up click here 

 Saturday Sizzler
Saturday 25 April 8:30- 1pm
$25Aura camera and energy healing
info and appts click here 

Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal  
Tuesday 28 April  7-9pm
info and registration click here 

Always Available Recorded Independent Study

 Click here  
Abundance Generators - the basic class
Abundance Generators - the whole program
Chios level I
Create your own Reiki attunements
Intuitive development
Power Reiki level I
Practical Reiki
Stone reading made simple
New aura -rapid learning
Who are you and why have you become so strange?
Yes YOU can do mediumship

You asked for it....
Astral Travel:

A simple, uncluttered, straight forward approach is offered in this FREE down load from Steve Barrett, founder of Chios
click here

I'll be there .. hope to see you there too!

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