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Chios Healing

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The tough,leathery brain covering just under the skull is called the dura matter or "tough mother"


Optical Illusion     Can you see the jazz man (in black) and
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at CHIOS Healing


Energy healing (aura and chakra healing) is one of the most profound and fundamental alternative therapies in the field of alternative medicine and holistic health.

Are you a healer?
Do you feel an inner desire to learn to see auras, to learn about and work with chakras, through use of energy, color, and light to heal?
Have you studied Reiki or other healing arts and are now ready for your next step
Or, are you new to energy healing, yet eager to explore this exciting field?
If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, learning Chios Energy Healing will allow you to realize your potential as a healer.

What is Chios?
Chios Energy Healing is perhaps the most innovative, comprehensive and powerful aura and chakra based energy healing art in the world today.  The breakthrough techniques of Chios include:
·         Unblocking chakras
·         Aura clearing (removing dark, negative energies)
·         Sealing leaks and tears in the aura layers
·         Chakra charging (using color)
·         Radiatory healing of chakras
·         Seventh layer (of aura) focal healing
·         Fission healing of chakras and the seventh layer, and
·         Distance healing (using color and light)
Use energy, color and light channeling methods to provide powerful and effective aura and chakra healing.  These techniques are unique to Chios and not available in any other spiritual or energy healing system.

Chios versus Reiki?
·         Chios healing believes that the attunements (3 for basic healing) should be given before instruction on Chios techniques in order to empower the student in the healing modality;
·         Chios healing also includes an integral meditation method (Chios Meditation), and additional exercises for the development of the psychic abilities
·         Chios healing includes standardized attunement procedures for both in-person and distance attunements—procedures which preserve the purity and integrity of the Chios attunements
·         Chios healing includes a complete, progressive series of advanced techniques in energy healing—unique to Chios and not available in Reiki
·         Chios healing includes significant work on the aura, with the belief that disease will first manifest itself in one’s aura before appearing in the body; therefore Chios teaching finding and correcting defects in the aura.

Chios and Reiki are not  competing modalities – each has its strengths and place in the energetic healing world.  Differences may be a matter of personal preference, or sometimes one method works for certain conditions (for some healers) better than the other.  Because of the focus that Chios places on the aura, Chios is often considered to be a more advanced healing method.

click here  for sign up info for October "Chios Made Simple" classes.

Interested? I’m teaching a new, easier to learn Chios method online! Click here for dates, times, and descriptio - See more at:
Interested? I’m teaching a new, easier to learn Chios method online! Click here for dates, times, and descriptio - See more at:

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