Monday, March 17, 2014

New Stuff live in Columbus OH and online

                      TOP O' THE MORNIN" TO YOU
                                        (I'm 25% Irish  in genes but 125% in spirit!)

There are lots of new happenings and new things for metaphysical delights and holistic  healing pleasures.

You can get support on your journey plus information & instruction  cutting  edge in all things metaphysical and holistic at Columbus' newest 'meet-up".
This meet-up meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings of the month.  Membership is free.  Meet-up cover charges vary $5-$15 depending on supplies used.
Next meetup is Mar 26th.  An aura camera will be  on hand and every one will have their aura taken and analyzed with a report on cd to take home.  click here

New Chakra Jewellery  click here

Kits to support your intuition, make your own runes, cleanse the aura and more        click here 

 Do you have a heart for kids? Do you know a child that is being bullied or teased? Little Hands Reiki can help. The Little Hands Reiki course is an online one night complete intense course that trains you to empower children by attuning them t o Level 1 reiki. After this they have the tools they need to handle stress them selves.
This remarkable program is not an adult program converted or watered down for children but is a revolutionary new approach to giving kids the power they need to cope and overcome. (Nurses 3 ceu's).

  At the end of t he class you will:-
-receive ALL powerpoints , music & Super Hero Reiki Guy videos used
-be able to attune kids to level one reiki
-be able to teach this gift to others
St Paddy's day 17 Mar 7-9pm eastern
Register now at

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