Monday, February 24, 2014

SHAZAM! Powerful Relief from tension headaches


From the Power of Nature to you.

For rapid relief of :
tension headaches

Working at the level of the auras and chakras SHAZAM!
 works rapidly to balance and align the chakras while at the same time cleansing and enlarging the aura.

IT WORKS - tested on over 100 real people with real fatigue.
Backed up by "Before & After" aura bio feedback and photography.

IT  IS 100 % NATURAL - ingredients are simply distilled water and crushed crystals.

No scents added,  allergy free.  Made entirely in USA by real people  with real allergies.  When we say 100% natural and allergy free we mean it!

Pet and people friendly.

Simply mist about 6" in front of face and inhale.  You will feel "curiously refreshed".

Can be used personally to relieve stress as well as in your professional life to "jumpstart" massage or energy sessions

I have used it in my own healing practice for a decade and now offer it to you.

Large 4oz bottle $12.50 free  shipping until  end February when it will revert to it's normal pricing of $15 shipped.

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