Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Runes Made Easy!

This class will teach you a new revolutionary way to read the runes.
Whether you have never used the runes before, or whether you’ve tried numerous times and put them aside as being too complicated, this is the class for you.
Each rune is given a one word contemporary meaning.  Pages of small print and archaic agriculture lore are done away with and you can easily read the runes.
This class gets you doing readings with the runes. not reading about reading the runes.
You will learn how to read, cast, as well as bind the runes.
By the end of class you will be comfortable and confident doing three different rune casts as well as writing simple words with the runes and binding them.
No prior experience necessary.
The class is offered  Sunday December 8 afternoon or Wednesday December 11 evening.  It is online and can be taken anywhere in the world.  All you need is a computer and a good command of the English language.  It is also available as a recorded class should you miss it or be an inconvenient time.     
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Reiki Awakening Academy Bookstore-open to everyone with no need to be taking this or any other class-has rune sets, rune casting cloths, rune books and more.  Check it out   Book Store

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