Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Change of Seasons -Illuminated Insights - diane faist

Are you tuning into your Change of Seasons?

“You were born with a valuable gift, do you trust your inner knowing?”
~Diane Faist, Dianergy

We have officially been in autumn season for weeks now, but it is just now starting to look like fall and feel seasonably cooler. Hooray, I love the fall. There are many signs around me: leaves change color, football season, food & drinks change their times to shine and of course the temperature changes for many of us. 

We also have the change of seasons in our lives. Not only does this happen naturally as we age, it is also the opportunity to listen to our inner messages and choose a new arena for our personal, professional or passionate selves to expand and grow. Or like many, this change may be thrust upon us rather than a choice. 
Either way, that is okay.

We can choose to quiet our minds and turn inward to explore. During this needed pause in our hectic every day living, we can decide where we want to go and what we want to do with the help of our angels and divine support system. Or, we can go into denial and autopilot where we often push new and challenging adventures away. Are you being pulled or pushed in a new direction?

When we tune into and trust our inner knowing we will prosper on many levels. You can see this in industry leaders in many fields: music, art, business, science, technology and the list goes on. Or you may notice this in a good friend or family member. We all have this ability. Whether you listen to these messages or not is your choice.

How I can assist you on this part of your journey? Life becomes a lot more fun when you are truly living who you are meant to be. 

 — Diane

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Are you in tune with your body?

We lead busy lives filled with a variety of people and responsibilities. Each of us is unique, yet our frustrations with how to deal with the abundance of overwhelm shows some similarities. When you choose to slow down and make yourself a priority, life gets much easier. Or at least your ability to manage everything makes more sense.

A good place to start is to carve out time for you, just you. Find a peaceful place and time where you can find clarity. Hopefully you can do this before you body starts yelling at you.loudly. (Been there done that). My favorite time to meditate or get connected is early in the morning in nature. Another effective option I enjoy is classical or spa music to turn down the dial on an overpowering world and tune into the essence of me. During this time, I calm my mind and tune into my breathing. I get connected to my deep roots in the earth as well as the divine above. 
 Once I am in the zone and surrounded by a fountain of love and light, I start my conversation with myself, my guardians, guides and angels. Then start asking…Am I listening to the messages my body is sending me? Do I love myself and my body? Or, am I mad at some part of me and full of frustration that my body is letting me down, again? Try something new, love your body (inside and out). Accept who you are right now. And really truly thank your body. Then listen closely to what it is telling you. Just give this a try. You will be amazed that a whole new world opens up for you to explore.

Let me know how I can assist you on this journey. Once you start down this path, you will never want to turn back. It just keeps getting richer, deeper and more fascinating. 

 — Diane

Sunday, October 7, 2018


Just When you think you seen it all... Round tarot cards are making their presence known on eBay one more time.

Who needs a round tarot cards anyway? You do and I'll tell you why. Round tarot cards give you a much more accurate reading than the others ever can.

With the top row for example, we can see that the top row of cards falls positive  and the upright position. This means that their energy is positive and they are placed upright in their respective rows.
What about the bottom row of influencing cards?  They can fall in any direction from 1 - 360 degrees. Properly interpreting them, can reveal mountains.  

For example, in the left most column, about a 40% push is shown - 40% from the client & the rest must come from external forces. 

The far right we see about 120 degrees resistance coming from the client, with the remainder of the resistance coming from the outside sources.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Love yourself Dianergy

“Now is the time to completely love and accept yourself. Haven’t you been judging, comparing and beating yourself up for long enough?”
~Diane Faist, Dianergy 

Love is a word that is thrown around very easily. It can be heard in conversations like: “I love chocolate” or “I love a sports team.” While there may be some element of truth to those words representing your affection for an object — the real essence of love goes much deeper.My feelings of love are profound and tender while  loyal with a sense of deep warmth and personal affection. Truly it is beyond words. This is an immense feeling that comes from the heart and not the head.

The concept of Self-Love goes to a more primal level. When I was growing up, all I heard about was take care of everybody else first. It could be your family, your neighbors or someone in distress. And yes, that is always a good part of living a successful life in caring for and helping others. However, I have learned that our very first responsibility is to take care of ourselves — mind, body and soul. I am a huge proponent of self-care. Not only do I take care of typical human tasks: wash my face, take a shower, brush my teeth and so on, I also care for myself energetically. This is essential. Think of driving a car from one end of the country to the other. Don’t you need to keep filling  up with gas and cleaning your windshield? Are you following a map or GPS for directions? Yes, you do. Another good example, if you are flying on an airplane and the oxygen mask drops in front of you, the rule is to put on your mask first and then help a child or a person in need. The is the same message I am living for everyday life. 

 You matter. Yes, you do. More than you will ever realize. And, you impact a lot of people in your life. So make time in your busy life to schedule down time for YOU. And do this consistently. The things that really resonate with me are quiet time alone, meditation, time with nature and animals, feeding my body with healthy choices, quality time with family and good friends, exercising, being creative and expanding my horizons. One day it may be a huge step, other days it is barely baby steps. But either way, it is ok. I am moving forward and having a lot of fun. And yes, sometimes, we just need time off — A vacation or an escape. Listen to what your ‘inner voice’ or “gut feeling/intuition”is telling you, you will never regret it — and you will learn a lot.

I’d love to schedule a FREE 15-minute connection session with you where we can get to know one another and start you on a path to shine bright and make a difference in the world. I work virtually so that you are always in a place and time that is most comfortable and convenient for you.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Take a load off your shoulders!

Take a load off your shoulders - spirit, heart and mind.
When life throws you a curve and knocks the wind out of your sails, this is a safe harbor.
I've been there.  I've walked that path - tripped down that trail.

Also, family trees for

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Red or Black?


a and c  represent the same picture.  B is incorrect.  How can this be?

These pictures come to us from the east. On one, the  black dot is on the ankle, while the red  dot is on the perineum.  So when the characature stands up, the red dot should remain at the perineum and the back dot should remain between the ankles.  This is of the utmost importance as the black dot - the grounding dot not only grounds you to the earth but acts as the liver of the chakra system -detoxifying & releasing toxins that can harm you.

So it is VERY important that the RED is the BASE (by the perineum)  the BLACK is the GROUNDING (between the ankles.