Sunday, April 14, 2019

Initial steps towards a journey called Awakening Vasu

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Initial steps towards a journey called Awakening:
 There is a common saying that what we eat becomes us and what we drink becomes our words. Our food intake has a lot to do with what resonates with our current level of consciousness. Any such intake which has an impact on us need to be assessed before acceptance.
Any such intake needs to support us in elevation to upper levels of awareness and consciousness than triggering the depletion from the current levels.
Our life journey is all about knowing self and knowing our true identity by going within than going outward. This journey can be made enriching, fulfilling and rewarding when we work on the very basics that is understanding the physical body anatomy and what is meant for us.
It’s a choice to be made between what is right for me versus what is preferred by me.
Any food intake and incoherent eating pattern which doesn’t resonate with the smallest unit of our physical body that is cell will have an overwhelming effect when you look at the galaxy of cells – our full Physical body along with the spectrum of other dimensions of the body – Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.
Identify the foods which are natural and pure and have a shorter digestive cycle, which doesn’t make our abdomen based organs work beyond their rated capacity. Make those foods your regular intakes- Fruits and Vegetables are said to be the best friends of ours while we take this journey forward…!


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Thoughts Defining Us...VASU


Thoughts – Defining us ..!
Ever wonder the power of an innocent thought which has the potential of shaping our personality, our destiny and truly our existence on this planet..! Sounds unbelievable but the very creation of this Universe also has the origin started with a thought from the Highest level of consciousness.
Realize the power of an innocent sounding thought and how beautiful it can craft the life full of joy, peace, achievements and glory.
Thoughts are the seeds which manifest in various expressions and the same thoughts define us.  When the expression takes an untoward journey then time is to check the same thought which has the power to multifold itself by repeating and influencing others.
Work on the thoughts – Purify them before they evolve as emotions. Correcting thoughts at early stages are easier than the later stages when they transform to emotions. It’s the emotional imbalance and the disharmony with self and others that triggers the disease.
Embrace the attitude of gratitude for every good thing in life and accept the not so good things as the experience which Divine wants us to undergo for experience and learnings.
Forgiveness has the longest path to travel but has the best reward at the destination. This entire journey is all about seeking forgiveness and forgiving others. And this journey starts with us – First we have to forgive ourselves for being ignorant to ourselves….
Make Life Beautiful, Meaningful and Memorable …..


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Shadow Feminine Illuminated Insights Diane Faist

Winter is the season that we are invited to go within and get to know ourselves on a deeper level. According to the calendar, it is March. However, it still looks and feels very much like winter in much of North America with intense cold, snow or even scarier weather. And in addition, we are experiencing a powerful intensity in energy shifts like we have never had before! We are likely dealing with an abundance of ups and downs in our lives in a variety of forms. So, with all of this going on, now is the time to find some peace and balance within.

Get to know your Shadow side
Yikes, does this headline sound scary? Give me a moment, don’t run away. Let me tell you a little bit more. This shadow side of us is the part we shy away from and we judge — assuming this is all “negative and bad.” Therefore we hide and try to pretend (to us and others) that this is not really part of us at all. Denial creates quite an ongoing challenge. The shadow side does not like to be ignored. She will get louder and louder until we take the time to notice her and get to know her. Here is a little secret: once you allow her in, your life will keep getting better and better. One step at a time. This process can feel intimidating. I totally understand. But I will no longer keep hiding, and I have found a gentle way to softly and safely embrace my shadow side with a gentle meditation. This process is totally under your control Give it a try. You will not regret it. 

My Assignment for you: Use this beautiful guided meditation on the Shadow Feminine by Catherine Maguire to guide you into connecting with your whole self. Now is the time to embrace your essence. Simply click below to listen to the mp3 meditation:

This is a spiritual journey that will forever change you. Consider listening to this multiple times, and even daily if you want to blossom into the best you possible. Now is the time to invite the shadow feminine to walk with you on this journey. 

Drop me a line, and let me know how you are doing.  — Diane

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Surgery and the Aura: What Energy Healers Need to Know

                    Surgery  and the Aura:  TIPS TO UPGRADE YOUR ENERGY TOOL BELT  
                                                        What Energy Healers Need to Know

This is another amazing energy healing tip that costs you nothing to upgrade your energy tool belt but can take you "up a notch" in your energy healing,  It gives huge results with no further financial outlay!

The aura (also known as the subtle body) is the energy field that surrounds the body.
Although we know a lot about it, there is a lot yet to be discovered

It is the body's protector.  In a healthy state, it guards against disease.

Often, following surgery, the surgical site remains painful, develops arthritis, has restricted movement or just has a thick or keloided scar line.

There are many medical explanations for this.
However, in my experience, the real answer to this unwanted aftermath of surgery lies in the aura.

Think about it.  For example for shoulder surgery, the surgeon accesses the site by slicing through all the layers of the aura and then cuts through the skin and all the muscle layers.  He completes the surgery by repairing the  muscle layers and the skin.  The auric layers are left undone. All the layers of the aura are left in their severed state. This leaves the area compromised. Anything can enter from the outermost layer an go all the way to the body or seep out to any layer enroute.

Energy healers should be aware of this and waft the penetrated auric layers (above the incision line) gently together. This completes the healing and can have huge results.  I have used it to "release" the surgical area from the tightness that develops at the incision line as well as to minimize and reverse the keloiding at scar sites that are keloiding & developing scar tissue.

 A keloid or a scar is simply a spot where the auric layers have become improperly aligned due to injury (or surgery).   They respond well to energy healing.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Don't Give Up Illuminated Insights Diane Faist

The Key to Remember Don’t Give Up!

Don’t give up! Has life been too difficult? Too much on your plate? Too much to do? Believe me, I totally understand. If you are not happy where you are in life and do not know where you want to be heading, now is the time to allow that picture to become more clear. Yes, we all get overwhelmed at times, but I bet you have a much better idea than you are giving yourself credit for. Yes, we all doubt ourselves and think maybe we are a little off the deep end. But my guess is, you keep getting repeating messages and thoughts. Now is the time to start trusting them!

Don’t Give Up
We often need contrast to clearly understand our direction in life. You have had plenty of practice with what you do not want. Now is the time to play and have fun as you explore and find out what you really do want. You have several ideas that you know make you smile. Some may be career oriented, others are about expressing your creativity and the “true” you. They are all worth exploring. Have fun and make this a priority. Now is the time to think about what you want to plant in your energy garden come spring time. P.S. the exciting signs often come in slowly over time. The key to remember is Don’t Give Up! I am cheering for you. What are you dreaming of?

Drop me a line, and let me know how you are doing.  — Diane

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Focus on Self-Love! Diane Faist

Focus on Self-Love!

Yes, February is the month of Valentine’s Day and Love is in the Air. All you see is pink, and red plus hearts galore. I am very happy for everyone that is in that glorious place. Congratulations!!! Everyone is smiling and in bliss—except, when relationship love is missing or broken and you are alone and confused. Now what? Start with Self-Love and Extreme Self -Care!!! Love your amazing mind, body & spirit!!!
I found that the best place to start when you are desperately seeking the love of your life is to start with loving YOU. So even though it might sound fun— the answers you are really seeking are not found at that new hot spot in town, or the latest online dating site or with your second cousins neighbor’s best friend. LOL. The true answer to what you are looking for is first found within the shadows and recesses of YOU. Do not get scared or intimidated. It is simply like peeling away the layers of an onion. And, yes, it often brings tears to your eyes…. but this is all in the healing process.  

It is all a matter of being honest with yourself. Really honest and true. You have ridden the roller coaster of relationships long enough. You do not want to play these games anymore. Do not hide from your truth. The more you remember what brings you happiness and fills your heart with joy… the sooner you will attract the person who is your ideal match. First you need to fall in love with you and what you love. And along the way, you will connect with that very special someone who fills you to overflowing. So what are you waiting for. Just jump in… and enjoy Self-Love & Self-Care. Pretty soon, you will get hooked on it. Yay!

Drop me a line, and let me know how you are doing.  — Diane

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Surrender, Diane Faist, Illuminated Insights

We can’t hide anymore. It’s time to Surrender!

I have talked about the poweful energy we now live in. It is potent. And it is exciting. I do see the beauty in life: in people, places and things — most of the time. Yet, I keep getting hit with this annoying heavy energy I just can’t ignore it any longer. Ughh… It is time to be raw and real.

When I talk about surrender in this article, it is not a weakness — it is a conscience choice to stop over-controlling and over-thinking. It is allowing the universe to lead the way! (p.s. I do know that the body innately knows how to heal itself — if we get out of the way More on that later.) Clearly, what I have been doing by default is not really working as I planned! I need to deeply listen to what my body is trying to tell me. I have learned more than I could’ve imagined over the years and I have witnessed my body healing itself to an amazing degree. Yet, there is still a lingering message I need to address. 
My latest awareness is to ask myself two deep and revealing questions. 1) what is the benefit of keeping things the same? 2) what is the risk in healing completely? I needed to sit with that a bit… I had some big aha’s but more reveals appear over time. 

The more you ponder, ask questions and peel away the layers of the ‘onion’ through discovery — the more raw and real you are with yourself. This surrender process will dredge up a wide range of emotions. Let them all out — it is cleansing. This was also humbling and a relief of sorts for me. This is a work in progress.
Drop me a line, and let me know how you are doing.  — Diane